Trying to Manage Water Damage Clean Up the Old Way? Read This

In the old days, water damage clean up involved a vacuum and some fans. It worked, sort of… at least if the idea of throwing your damaged belongings away didn’t bother you. Today, new ways of dealing with water damage cleanup are more effective and help long-term. Here’s what you need to know about waterRead more

The 3 Biggest Water Extraction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Water extraction after a flood of any size is necessary to restore your home to its original condition. Though many people think a quick DIY can fix it right up, there are some things to look out for. Here are the 3 biggest water extraction mistakes, and how to avoid them. It’s Not Just WhatRead more

The Most Important Steps of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a big drag! But it happens and when it does it needs to be addressed. Water damage restoration is common, especially during the stormy months of late spring and early summer. In order to get a better understanding of the process, here is a breakdown of the most important steps of waterRead more

The Strangest Places You Will Find Damage From Water

Water. We all need it. We all use it. We all love it. Unless we have a leak or a flood and our home experiences damage from water, then we curse it! When there is a leak or a flood, damage from water can affect not just your personal property, but the structure of yourRead more

How Water Damage Mold Spores Can Make You Sick in Calhoun, GA

Mold grows in predictable places and usually after water damage. Where there’s warmth and humidity, often mold is quick to follow. It can live indoors or outdoors, it can be different colors and textures, and it can be in plain sight or hidden behind walls, drywall, tile and under floors and ceilings. Mold is madeRead more

How Mold Inspections After Water Damage in Douglasville Can Keep You Safe

  If you have even the slightest inkling that mold may be growing in your home, you should seriously consider mold inspection after water damage. The primary goal of mold inspection is to determine if mold is present and where it is. Even if you already know you have mold in your house, mold inspectionRead more

Expert Insider Info On Mold Abatement After Water Damage in Dallas GA

Most people are aware of mold that exists in homes and buildings. Here is some insider information from the experts on mold abatement after water damage. What is Mold Abatement? Mold abatement, simply, is the removal or remediation of mold. It’s the process of eliminating existing mold from an environment and treating that environment toRead more

What are the Best Choices in Water Damage Repair?

When flooding hurts your home, you may not be prepared to look for water damage repair right away. Because finding professional help fast is essential to maintaining a safe home without spending a fortune, it helps to be prepared. Find a reputable business to help you before the worst happens. Avoiding Mold and Moisture TakingRead more