Smoke Damage Clean Up is About More Than Just Opening a Window. Here Are the Facts

Do you really know the truth about smoke damage clean up? Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and where there’s fire there’s smoke damage clean up. It’s often the hardest part of the whole event. While nothing is worse than a house fire, dealing with the clean up is no picnic either. Here are some factsRead more

Smoke Damage Clean Up Is Harder Than You Think. Here’s Why.

If you’ve ever been the victim of a fire, you know about smoke damage. If you haven’t, it’s a pretty rough time. After a fire, smoke damage clean up is harder than you think. Here’s why. Smoke damage is unpredictable. Although smoke moves like air, it contains particles from the fuel burned during the fire,Read more

Why Improper Smoke Odor Removal Can Leave Your House in a Funk

If you’ve had a fire you know that the worst part might actually be the smoke damage. The smell! Oh that terrible smell. It’s not a nice campfire smoke smell. It’s a lingering pungency that makes you want to desert your home and head for greener (smelling) pastures. Because of this, smoke odor removal isRead more

Smoke Damage Removal By the Numbers

Have you had a fire? If yes, than you have smoke damage. What do you do? Here is smoke damage removal by the numbers. #1: Contact a Professional Immediate response after a fire is a critical first step. In order to begin smoke damage removal, assessment is necessary, and the sooner it gets assessed, theRead more

The Most Surprising Causes of Fire and Smoke Damage in Douglasville, GA

Most everyone has a fear in common: fear of fire. Not fire in general, but a house fire. A house fire, not matter how small, can cause extensive fire and smoke damage. There are some surprising, and not so surprising, causes of fire and smoke damage you should know about. Smoke Detectors Really? Smoke detectors?Read more

2 Biggest Smoke Restoration Misconceptions in Dalton, GA

When you need smoke restoration it’s hard to know what to do and who to call. Understanding what smoke restoration is can help you with this process. But how can you sort out the truth from the fiction? Here are the 2 biggest smoke restoration misconceptions that can help you find information. Smoke is SmokeRead more

The Most Important Factors in Smoke Damage Cleanup for Rome, GA

When you’ve experienced a fire and are managing the aftermath, it’s helpful to understand what you’re dealing with. One of the biggest issues after a fire is smoke damage. It can be extensive and extremely damaging, as well as dangerous. Here are some of the most important factors in smoke damage cleanup. Urgency The longerRead more

How Easy Is Smoke Damage and Odor Removal in Dallas, GA?

Once a house fire is out the challenge becomes cleaning up the smoke damage, and one of the toughest things about the cleanup is smoke odor removal. If you’ve had a fire and you’re wondering, how easy is smoke odor removal? Here’s your answer: not easy! Why? Because a fire burns what’s in the homeRead more