Smoke Damage Clean Up is About More Than Just Opening a Window. Here Are the Facts

Do you really know the truth about smoke damage clean up? Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and where there’s fire there’s smoke damage clean up. It’s often the hardest part of the whole event. While nothing is worse than a house fire, dealing with the clean up is no picnic either. Here are some factsRead more

Happy About Water and Fire Restoration? Here’s How You Can Be

How to reduce the pain of water and fire restoration. Fire damage does anything but bring joy, and water and fire restoration isn’t any different. When you’re the victim of a fire, you go on a roller coaster of emotions during and after the fire. And dealing with the cleanup can bring out the worstRead more

The 4 Most Surprising Things About House Fire Damage Clean Up

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4 Fire Clean Up Mistakes to Avoid

Do it right the first time. Avoid these fire clean up mistakes. Fire is so destructive and scary and devastating, it would be awesome if no one ever had to bear the brunt of fire damage again. But since fire happens, so does fire clean up. Just in case you ever have to face it, it’sRead more

The Most Common Reasons for Property Damage Repair in the South

What should you expect if you have property damage repair work done? There’s something very special about living in the South. The history, the architecture, the people, the frequent need for property damage repair. Wait, what? No, not property damage – that we could do without. Although, if you live in the South, or you’reRead more

The 3 Best Things About Storm Damage Specialists

All of the things storm damage specialists can do that you didn’t know they could do. Most people love a little summer or fall rain! And winter weather is great too, as the colder temperatures lend to cozying up by the fire. But extreme weather is a whole different situation! When you experience extreme weatherRead more

Master the Art of Storm Damage Insurance With These 3 Tips

You don’t need to be a warrior to manage storm damage insurance. There are plenty of horror stories about uninsured homes with devastating storm damage. And everyone wonders why these people don’t have insurance! But maybe they do – they just don’t have the right insurance. Do you have the right insurance? Do you evenRead more